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[Free talk] Can Mindfulness be Interesting? by Calvin Onn (90 min) at 2.30pm Sat on 31 Oct 2020 -completed

[Free talk] Can Mindfulness be Interesting? by Calvin Onn (90 min) at 2.30pm Sat on 31 Oct 2020 -completed

Can Mindfulness be Interesting?

  • Class Type: Lecture (talks only)
  • Language: English
  • Application: Zoom
  • How to attend : You will receive the zoom link to attend the class once you complete the check out.
  • Price : free

About Calvin Onn

- Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Trainer Teacher

- Yoga Alliance ERYT200

- LLB (Hons), University of London

- Master in Counselling Psychology, National University ChangHua

- Yoga Philosophy and Mindfulness Trainer for Catalist and Yoga Teacher Training Programme

- Author of Mindfulness handbook, Practical Attention System

Calvin holds a law degree from University of London and has been a practicing lawyer for almost two decades before quitting to take on a new path of career as mindfulness coach. As a firm believer and practitioner in meditation practice, he started practicing mindfulness since the age of 14 years. He has travelled to many places around the world participating in various silent retreat including a month-long retreat in USA led Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche.

In addition to working with handful of clients in the ongoing Corporate Wellness program to executives, managers and workers of all levels, Calvin also runs yearly Yoga Teachers Training (TTC) for teachers who are passionate about bringing their Body Works practice to a deeper level which includes the training of the mind.

Calvin has also completed 4th levels of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) with Oxford Mindfulness Centre. He holds the Master Degree in counselling psychology, National University of Changhua, Taiwan.

He is also author of the meditation book, Practical Attention System.


About "SpinEmotion Global Conference 2020" 

The specific topics in our SpinEmotion Global Online Conference 2020 is related to application of spinal awareness for refinement of our emotional wellbeing.

We trust that if both subjects of spine and emotion could be discussed together, to a large extent, our main concerns on effectiveness of body work practices and managing mental stress could be addressed fairly well.

The world’s main issues such as poverty, pandemic, mental stress, pollution are certainly real and urgent, but underlying the problems themselves are the human’s emotions such as fear and anger.

Overwhelmed by such emotions, we are unable to think and act clearly and connect effectively with others.

Fear and anger, if viewed as internal body processes, it can be replaced by body state of love and strength with the aids of mindfulness practices.

This conference advanced from the perspective that human body is designed for quality living and peace. Reclaiming our spine and emotion wellbeing is possible and important.

As each of us faces a unique set of challenges related to our spine and emotion, it’s our hope as organising committee, to be supportive to you in the coming month of October 2020 as a source of inspiration, positive practices, and community connection.

If you are working on healing own emotion, you are already part world’s gift of love and peace.

We welcome you to join us in your quest for healthy spine and emotion wellbeing.

Details of each session will be published from now and throughout whole of October 2020, and we need you to stay tuned to our page for latest news.

You need to register in specific link for each speakers of your choice. It’s free, informative and inspiring, please share widely.

Any further enquiries please email to conference

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