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Yang to Yin : Build heat + Unwind by Suhana (90 min) at 6pm Sat on 27 Apr 2024

Yang to Yin : Build heat + Unwind by Suhana (90 min) at 6pm Sat on 27 Apr 2024

Yang to Yin : Build heat + Unwind by Suhana

This Yang to Yin class will focus on finding and restoring balance, both physically and mentally.

In the Yang portion of the class, we will start off with more dynamic movements with focused breathing, which will build internal heat, strength and mobility. These mindful energetic movements will help release feelings of restlessness and prepare for the transition into longer-held, meditative postures in the Yin portion of the class.

The yin portion of the practice focuses on holding specific postures for an extended period of time where you will be aided to get deeper into connective tissues, promote relaxation and foster mindfulness.

  • Class Level: All levels
  • Intensity: Moderate
  • Stage: Yang Zone (Ground floor)
  • Venue: Rumah Tangsi, KL
  • Duration :  90 mins

About Suhana

Yoga has been a part of Suhana's life for more than 20 years. Growing up, she had body image issues and lack of self-confidence. But through yoga, she learnt that there is perfection in imperfection and built her strength from within.

Wanting to share her love for the practice, she embarked on her journey to becoming a teacher and completed her 200 hours with 'Under The Light'. After a few years of teaching, she wanted to build a community of like-minded yogis and co-founded Nafas Yoga studio.

During the pandemic, she ceased the opportunity to deepen her understanding of the yoga practice and completed her 300 hours with 'My Vinyasa Practice'. This was also when she had a newfound love of Yin Yoga, as it was a good complement to her usual yoga practice.

Her classes are a combination of structure & creative sequencing, which offers a safe space for yogis to explore their limits in asanas and movement with breath. Her motto is to 'always listen to your body', as the body and breath are the best teachers.

As a yoga teacher, she hopes to spread the message that yoga is not just about stretching or nailing a yoga pose; but its about finding peace, balance and serenity in being in your own skin.

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