[Class Report] POWERFUL BACKBENDS by Yenny Christine

[Class Report] POWERFUL BACKBENDS by Yenny Christine

[Online] POWERFUL BACKBENDS by Yenny Christine (60 min) at 1.30pm Sat on 25 July 2020 (GMT+8)


77 backbend lovers from 16 countries joined the class and practiced together!

After 1 hour session, they didn't stop asking questions and questions and questions. 😆😆😆

I hope they have enjoyed the class 😊


01:29:26  I try to lift one hand up in cobra but cannot lift other and stay there

01:29:42  thank u!

01:29:52  This was so fun and challenging and intelligently structured! Thank you!  (From Los Angeles, CA)

01:30:10  will you have more class

01:30:15  Thank you very much x

01:30:16  thank you teacher yenny 🙏🏻

01:30:18  I really learnt a lot about muscle engagement. Thank you!

01:30:23  thank you so much yenny, best way to start the weekend

01:30:24  Thank you Yenny!

01:30:25  thanks

01:30:32  thank you! it’s very good breakdown and application of the engagement

01:30:33  sometimes I have pain at my sacrum after backbend, is it because the glutes engage not enough?

01:30:44  Thank you! This was so  hard  and so fun. I feel my core engage in a new way, this was so helpful <3 (Thank you from Utah, US)

01:30:46  thank you for the wonderful technical teachings

01:30:49  thank you teacher Yenny

01:30:55  thanks for the teaching ;)

01:30:56  nice teaching Yenny.

01:31:00  Thanks

01:31:01  thank you

01:31:05  thank you so much

01:31:10  Thank you so much!

 01:31:12  Thanks Yenny

01:31:12  Thanks for the class :)

01:31:32  hi I want to have private class with you

01:31:41  thanks yenny!

01:31:53  thank u. I have rib pain but amazingly the class didn’t touch that area

01:32:14  hi will you do class again

01:32:28  also can I have private class with yenny

01:32:44  Thank you Yenny! Very helpful class <3

01:33:36  When will be your next class and on which platform

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