Organic Life KL 2019 PresentsThe First Yoga Market
Survey in Malaysia

-12% of Malaysian Practice yoga, market size is at RM 1.17 billion a year -


We have conducted the first yoga market survey in Malaysia by corporation with Yoga Alliance, Yoga Life Magazine and survey company YCP Solidiance.

The key objectives for this yoga survey are to assess the penetration rate of yoga in Malaysia and to estimate the market size in Malaysia.

The survey method used are executed online using a three-minute questionnaire which consist of 16 questions. The sample size is based on 1,000 responses, aged 18 and above from three key locations which are Klang Valley, Penang and Johor.

The specific 7 findings of the yoga survey included:

1) Yoga Penetration in Malaysia currently stands at 12% of whole population (who has practiced yoga in the last 3 months, including home practice), with Chinese and Indian garnering a higher penetration rate as compared to Malays.

2) Yoga practitioners consist of 40% male and 60% female, aged between 25 to 40 years old.

3) The survey results showed that 1 in 7 Malaysians stated their intention to practice yoga in the next one year with 52% consist of the ethnic Malay.

4) It is also estimated that Malaysia’s yoga market size is at RM 1.17 billion a year, based on expenses incurred on yoga through gym membership, yoga studio memberships, yoga clothing and accessories, reading materials and other yoga-related media.

5) Modern Yoga is the most practiced by current yoga practitioners over traditional yoga styles, with Hatha Yoga being the most preferred type of modern yoga.

6) The main drive for practicing yoga is due to the physical benefits of yoga such as to improve health and fitness levels, rather than the mental benefits.

7) The results of the survey also highlighted that 1 in 2 yoga practitioners indicated interest to be a yoga instructor in the potential future.