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HIP OPENING WEEK UNLIMITED PASS (26 Oct - 1 Nov 2020) - up to 6 classes

HIP OPENING WEEK UNLIMITED PASS (26 Oct - 1 Nov 2020) - up to 6 classes

Why Hip Opening?

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, we may have developed tight Hips / lower-back due to sitting on chairs at home too long.

"Hip Opening Week" is just for you to re-open your tight hips by practicing yoga sequences which focus on hips and lower-back with our talented and experienced yoga teachers.

About this Pass

You will find your best way how to open your hip effectively by learning 6 different approach by 6 different teachers.

You can attend as many classes as you can ( up to 6 classes, equivalent of RM 144 or USD 34 ) from listed below with this pass.

** This pass is applicable for ticket purchaser only. It can’t be shared with your friend or family.


26th October 6.30pm (GMT+8) Movement and Mobility for Hips by Jai Kumar

28th October 10.30am (GMT+8) Improve Your Hip Mobility by Alan Chin

29th October 6.30pm (GMT+8) Hip Opening Practice by Mariana Sin

30th October 9am (GMT+8) Modern Yoga Movement –Hip Opening & Mobilization– by Miles

31st October 1.30pm (GMT+8) Hip Flexibility in Arm Balances by Yenny Christine

1st November 9am (GMT+8) Hip Opening with Shaolin Twist by Lee Swee Keong

Total 6 classes

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