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It’s more than just a gathering for the community. It’s also a meeting of the mind, body and soul.

Yoga is about self-love and sharing that kindness with others. It has a ripple effect that spreads into other parts of your life. By practicing yoga and meditation, you can become more aware of what you eat and the products you buy; you’ll develop a better understanding of how positive actions can influence your community and our environment – they are all connected.

With a shared practice, we can be more mindful of these connections. We believe that this is important in living a balanced lifestyle. As you enrich your life through yoga, society will also benefit from it. That’s what we wish to achieve with Organic Life KL.



Discover healthy foods and products for conscious lifestyles.

Enjoy from a variety of food vendors and merchants offering healthy food choices and organic lifestyle products.

Get some nutritious fuel in between classes, shop from ethical suppliers and get to know the local enterprises at the festival.


Now we go online to connect yogis around the sphere.

We go online with our new platform "OMTOGETHER by ORGANIC LIFE KL" so that we can practice together from efferent cities, countries and even time-zones. We hope you practice together and connect the vibes with each other. 

 Namaste 🙏


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