[Limited Availability] Online Private Lesson

By attending the online classes at OMTOGETHER by ORGANIC LIFE KL, you may find your ideal instructor.

If you have budget, there is a chance for you to ask the instructor to teach online private (or online private group) lesson exclusively.😊

We can help you to ask the Instructor (> See here)'s availability and get back to you.



STEP 1 : Fill in your information in the "MESSAGE" COLUMN below

1) Insert the Instructor's name of your choice (Choose the instructor who you already attended the class at OMTOGETHER)  

2) State your preferable time and date ( e.g. 10 am on Saturday every week )

3) State your Social media account (Facebook / Linked in / Instagram etc)


STEP 2 : We will check Instructor's availability and get back to you.

Please note that our Instructors are very busy and their available time is limited.


STEP 3 : We will request for your I/C to confirm and provide the contact of the instructor to you.

After this step, you and the instructor will make arrangement on payment, time and date and etc. 😊

(*Please note that we will not hold any responsibility for any arrangement, payment between you and instructor.) 🙏