Collection: Will Duprey

Will Duprey is an international yoga educator known for effortlessly combining classical theory and storytelling with contemporary yoga methods. He is a contributing writer, columnist and speaks about yoga regularly. As a dedicated practitioner of pranayama and meditation for over 30 years, Will’s expertise is in offering original energetic theory and modern, attainable methods of yoga education and practice. Hathavidya is his personal approach to teacher training — starting with the individual practice (sadhana), energy (pranayama) and intuitive framework — as gathered from classical shadanga yoga and his initiate studies in yoga and siddha. Will Duprey has consulted and created yoga teacher trainings throughout the world in studios from Los Angeles to Vermont, New York to Miami, from Guatemala to Japan. Additionally, he has developed corporate wellness programs for hotel and business clientele. His unique approach provides deep knowledge and balance among different styles of yoga and in creating progressive work-wellness environments. Will is the founder and director of Hathavidya 200, 300 and 1000 hour yoga education programs. For more information, or to set up a more in-depth conversation, email