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Lymphatic Drainage Yoga by Angeline Ong (90 min) at 8am Sun on 28 Apr 2024

Lymphatic Drainage Yoga by Angeline Ong (90 min) at 8am Sun on 28 Apr 2024

Lymphatic Drainage Yoga by Angeline Ong

Lymphatic Drainage Yoga is a specialized form of yoga aimed at promoting the flow of lymphatic fluid throughout the body, aiding in detoxification, immune function, and overall well-being. This type of yoga incorporates specific poses, movements, and breathing techniques designed to stimulate lymphatic circulation and support lymphatic drainage.

Here are some key elements and benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Yoga:

Gentle Movements: Lymphatic Drainage Yoga typically involves gentle, flowing movements that encourage lymphatic fluid to move through the body. These movements may include gentle stretching, twisting, and rhythmic motions that help stimulate lymphatic flow.

Breath Awareness: Deep breathing is an essential component of Lymphatic Drainage Yoga. Practitioners are encouraged to focus on slow, deep breaths, particularly diaphragmatic breathing, which helps activate the lymphatic system's natural pumping mechanism.

Targeted Poses: Certain yoga poses are particularly beneficial for lymphatic drainage as they target areas where lymph nodes are concentrated. Poses that involve gentle compression and stretching of the neck, armpits, abdomen, and groin can help stimulate lymphatic circulation in these areas.

Inversions: Inverted poses, where the head is positioned below the heart, are often incorporated into Lymphatic Drainage Yoga practices. Inversions, such as Legs Up the Wall (Viparita Karani) or Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana), help facilitate lymphatic flow from the lower body towards the heart, aiding in detoxification and circulation.

Stress Reduction: Lymphatic Drainage Yoga practices typically emphasize relaxation and stress reduction techniques, such as meditation, mindfulness, and guided imagery. Lowering stress levels can improve lymphatic function by reducing the impact of stress hormones on lymphatic flow.

Support for Lymphedema: Lymphatic Drainage Yoga can be particularly beneficial for individuals dealing with lymphedema, a condition characterized by swelling due to impaired lymphatic drainage. The gentle movements and targeted poses can help reduce swelling, improve circulation, and promote overall lymphatic health.

Overall Well-being: By supporting lymphatic drainage and detoxification, Lymphatic Drainage Yoga contributes to overall health and well-being. It can boost immune function, increase energy levels, and promote a sense of vitality and balance.

When practicing Lymphatic Drainage Yoga, it's essential to listen to your body, move mindfully, and work within your comfort level. If you have any underlying health conditions or concerns, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare provider before starting a new yoga practice. Additionally, attending classes led by qualified instructors who specialize in lymphatic drainage yoga can provide guidance and support for safe and effective practice.

  • Class Level: All level
  • Intensity: Moderate
  • Stage: Yin Zone (Ground floor)
  • Venue: Rumah Tangsi, KL
  • Duration :  90 min

About Angeline Ong

I combined my yoga teaching with my knowledge as a lymphatic massage therapist to provide exercise that can aid in the health of our lymphatic system. Many yoga poses, as well as stretching, encourage proper draining of lymph fluid, and prevent and treat lymphedema, a condition of fluid retention that can cause severe swelling.

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