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Central Region (Kuala Lumpur)

[Free Class] Hip & Shoulder by Asako (60min) at 2pm Sun 20 June 2021 (GMT+8)

[Free Class] Hip & Shoulder by Asako (60min) at 2pm Sun 20 June 2021 (GMT+8)

Hip & Shoulder by Asako

  • Class Level: All level (beginner friendly)
  • Intensity: Moderate
  • Language: English
  • Props :  
  • How to Join: You will receive emails which include Zoom link to attend the class. If you can't find them, kindly [1] check your junk mail box [2] contact us before the class begins.)
  • Capacity : 300 (We have increased the capacity from 100 to 300 so that more people can join)
  • Recorded video : Not available


    About Asako

    Asako started yoga in 2006 with Shilpa Ghatalia at Yogshakti in KL. After taking many workshops such as Buteyko, Body Cleansing, Meditation and several 21day courses, she took Yogshakti’s Integrative Teacher Training Course and completed her Yoga Alliance RYT200 in 2015 and RYT500 certification in 2018 with Shilpa and Paddy Mcgrath.

    She recently finished 65hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training with JoPhee. Asako discovered that yoga is not just about taking care of the body but it is useful in bringing about awareness off the mat in everyday life. Being introduced to the philosophy of Advaita by Ragi Kadirgamar was a real eye opener for her. In classes, she works on the energy body in order for the Chi to flow unobstructed throughout the body.

    Asako teaches at Yogshakti, HotYo and Under The Light yoga studio. She also offers private classes, yoga for Scoliosis classes, meditation and Yoga Nidra Sessions. She is also Gendai Reiki Master.

    2006年よりKLのYogshaktiにおいてShilpa Ghatalia に師事。 様々なワークショップ、ブテイコ呼吸法などを学んだ後、2012年よりシンガポールへ。アメリカからのゲストテイーチャー、Elise MillerやMarcia Monroeから脊柱側湾症のためのヨガを学ぶ。 2014年に再来馬し、Yogshaktiにて全米ヨガアライアンス100時間のテイーチャートレーニングを開始。2015年にRYT200時間を終了。 2018年Shilpa Ghatalia, Paddy Macgrathのもと全米ヨガアライアンス500時間を取得。2019年 JoPhee陰ヨガ65時間ティーチャートレーニング終了。 主に陰ヨガ(筋膜リリース)、瞑想、Integrative Yogaのクラスを担当。 クラスでは、それぞれが決して無理をせずに体の声を聞きながら、ゆったりと気を全身に巡らせていく事を心がけている。 KLでは、Yogshakti / Under The Light / HotYo (日本語クラス) / プライベートでクラスを開講中。現代レイキマスターとしても活動中。

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