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Pranayama Mastery – Breathe Better, Live Better by Chris Wong (90 min) at 8am Sun on 27 Apr 2024

Pranayama Mastery – Breathe Better, Live Better by Chris Wong (90 min) at 8am Sun on 27 Apr 2024

Pranayama Mastery – Breathe Better, Live Better by Chris Wong

Delve deep into the art of conscious breathing, guiding you to breathe better and live better. A practice that emphasizes correct breathing techniques without compromising the nervous system, ensuring sustainability in your yoga journey. You will be introduced to breathwork techniques tailored to your individual capacity at the start of the class, setting a foundation for mindful practice. Experience the true essence of yogic breath as we explore breath retention, enhancing prana levels within your body. Breathing techniques will seamlessly integrate into our asana practice, enriching your practice on a holistic level.
Please note that this class requires breath retention for an authentic yogic experience. Pregnant individuals and those uncomfortable with breath retention are advised not to participate.
The class will conclude with a Prana focus meditation, allowing you to connect deeply with your life force energy and leave feeling rejuvenated and balanced.

  • Class Level: All level
  • Intensity: Gentle
  • Stage: Yin Zone (1st floor)
  • Venue: Rumah Tangsi, KL
  • Duration :  90 min

About Chris Wong

With 18 years of teaching experience, Chris is a highly experienced and well-credentialed yoga teacher. She holds an E-RYT500 certification, earned under the esteemed tutelage of Jason Crandell, which recognizes her expertise and dedication to the practice of yoga.

Chris's teaching style is focused on fostering connections with self-awareness and empowering students to make informed choices based on their own experiences. Her approach encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and being present in the moment, inviting students to fully engage in their practice.

In addition to her extensive background in yoga, Chris has an impressive track record as an educator and mentor. She was the teacher of the RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training Course at Samana Yoga in KL, where she has helped numerous aspiring yoga teachers launch their careers.

Chris was the Program Coach for Flow Yoga at Fitness First Malaysia, one of the largest fitness clubs in the region. She has also served as a Trainer for the Bridging Course for Celebrity Fitness Yoga Instructors, contributing to the development of other yoga trainees and instructors.

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