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[Zoom] Chest Open and Release Shoulder Pain/Shoulder Stiffness by Chris Lam (75min) at 9am Tue on 10 Nov 2020 -completed

[Zoom] Chest Open and Release Shoulder Pain/Shoulder Stiffness by Chris Lam (75min) at 9am Tue on 10 Nov 2020 -completed

Chest Open and Release Shoulder Pain/Shoulder Stiffness

Neck, shoulder and chest pain can be acute or chronic, If you spend the day slumped over a desk, you may have experienced neck and shoulder pain. This common type of pain may be caused by poor posture and overuse, and the more you use your neck and shoulder muscles, the more tired and vulnerable to strain they become.
Isolated shoulder pain can be complicated to diagnose and treat, as the shoulder is a large joint with many working parts. Muscles and tendons of the upper arm, collectively known as the “rotator cuff”, may be the culprit. Lifting, repetitive overhead activities, or a traumatic event such as a fall, can cause a rotator cuff strain or tear, resulting in mild to severe pain. Avoid shoulder injuries by strengthening your shoulder muscles and doing gentle range-of-motion exercises. Stick yoga can help you develop a home exercise program.

  • Class Level: All Level
  • Intensity: Moderate
  • Language: English
  • Props : Either Yoga stick, Bloom stick or Mop stick
  • Application: Zoom (You don't have to download  in advance. You can just click the link we provide.)
  • Recorded Video:  available ( accessible 48 hours after the session)

About Chris Lam

Chris discovered yoga in 2008, During 12 years, she studied traditional Indian Hatha Yoga culture and yoga essence, including body-taught method, theoretical philosophy system, chanting and other professional systematic learning courses, Iyengar Yoga anatomy, Pilates, ball yoga, yoga flow , Yin Yoga, Healing Yoga, Thai Yoga, etc. have a very deep understanding. In the course of several years of teaching career, they pay attention to details. They are aware of the students' guiding body understanding of the body, and are good at using assistive tools to help students to open their bodies and correct postures. The participants felt the importance of physical and mental balance and energy awareness. They had rich teaching experience and were dedicated to personal and private education courses. According to the actual situation of the students will arrange different levels of courses for students.
In the years of yoga career, I deeply experienced the broad and inner connotation of yoga. I personally experienced and realized that yoga brings about physical and mental improvement and change. In the teaching process, we can carefully and carefully guide, timely and accurate guidance and inspiration, help each student to tap their own potential, and is willing to communicate with the students, so that the students have more confidence in themselves.
I once suffered from the pain from the lower back pain and I was exposed to Thai Yoga and studied and promoted it.
Combine the characteristics of Thai massage and yoga movements. Different from the passive relaxation form of Thai massage, through the yoga instructor's instructional exercise, coupled with the Thai massage, the acupuncture points can be tailored to relieve pain, muscle strain, etc., to relax, relieve pain, self-cultivation Health. Through the combination of yoga movements, the essence of Thai massage, input their own energy, strengthen physical and mental health. No recurrence of pain again.

International Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 certificate
International Yoga Alliance RACEP certificate
Therapy yoga Teacher certificate
Pilates Instructor certificate
Thai traditional Medical services society course certificate
Qualification of Rusie Dutton Instructor certificate
Yoga Stick Instructor certificate
Aerial Yoga Instructor certificate
Pregnancy Pilates Instructor certificate
Certificate of sport rehabilitation (Physiotherapist)



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