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Inside Flow by Jacquelyn (90 min) at 2pm Sun on 28 Apr 2024

Inside Flow by Jacquelyn (90 min) at 2pm Sun on 28 Apr 2024

Inside Flow by Jacquelyn

Yoga + Music + Love
Lets get connected and dive deeper in Inside Flow. Music is the ultimate and direct gateway to our inner soul.
In this session, Jacquelyn will guide you
-How to find the beat of the music.
-Asana alignment & adjustment
-How to flow smoothly through the different transition.

Lets flow with passion & We move as ONE.

  • Class Level: All Level
  • Intensity: Moderate
  • Stage: Yin Zone (1st floor)
  • Venue: Rumah Tangsi, KL
  • Duration :  90 min

Jacquelyn Pui

E-RYT 200,YACEP , Inside Flow Gold Instructor.
-Currently living in KL , Malaysia. She got into Yoga coaching since 2012.
-Since young, she was an active child. The moment when she started her Yoga practice, she was a Chinese Dance dancer and Streetdance dancer and involved in various dance competition and performances.
-Yoga is a passion of Jacquelyn as she love the movements and witnessed the transformative power of a yoga practice, physically and mentally.
-She loves sharing the practice that her students can apply on and off the mat.
SINCE 2022,Jacquelyn start to explore more about Inside Flow which is a form of practice combine from Yoga asana & music.
-She love to Inspired everyone with different form of Yoga practice & discover the fun of Yoga.

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