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[Zoom] HIPS AND CORE FOR BACKBENDING by Jai Kumar (75 min) at 6.30pm Mon on 21 Sep 2020 -completed

[Zoom] HIPS AND CORE FOR BACKBENDING by Jai Kumar (75 min) at 6.30pm Mon on 21 Sep 2020 -completed


Practice how to use hips and core effectively and safely for backbending

  • Class Level: All level
  • Intensity: Moderate to Intermediate
  • Language: English
  • Props (optional):  -
  • Application: Zoom (You don't have to download  in advance. You can just click the link we provide.)
  • Recorded video : available ( accessible 48 hours after the session)

    About Jai Kumar

    Yoga Acharya Jai holds a bachelor's in Yogic Science , an Masters of Sc. in Yoga Therapy and Alternative Medicine from S-VYASA University ,Masters in eastern Psychology and different certifications in different healing and training system , PHD in yoga (pursuing)

    Recipient of the Grand Master Award from Yoga Alliance International. Also, serves as Ambassador of Yoga Alliance International, Executive Director of World Yoga Federation, organising committee of Asian Yoga Therapy Conference. Jai has over 12 years of experience training thousands of students and treating thousands of patients using yoga and alternative medicine around the globe . 

    An expert advanced asanas, Jai has fine-tuned his expertise to include a wide range of healing techniques such as physical therapy, Manual therapy, deep tissue stretching (designed by Jai), meditation and psychotherapy. He is also well-versed in various aspects of yoga such as body alignment, yogic kriyas, asana, pranayama and yoga therapy.  In addition, he is an expert in animal flow yoga and has trained celebrities and fitness enthusiasts. Published Paper on 1) Relationships between mindfulness and impulsivity among professional athletes 2) Kumbaka (retention) and its effect on athletes breathing cycle.

    His long association with various universities and studios has led him to conduct many Yoga instructor courses, specialised workshops which was designed to reach a sweet level of most practices, assist in conference planning and execution both in India and abroad. That has given him a wide range of experiences.

    He has conducted workshops all over India and overseas and has received various awards such as the Vivekananda Award from S-VYASA University, Yoga Sadhaka Award from SGS International and Yoga Acharya title from VYAPAK. His aim is to promote wellness and spread joy and relaxation through yoga and yoga therapy.



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