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JW Welness Lifestyle Center, KL

Sound Healing with Yin - Psychosomatic Therapy session – by James' Wong (90 min) at 4pm Sun on 28 Apr 2024

Sound Healing with Yin - Psychosomatic Therapy session – by James' Wong (90 min) at 4pm Sun on 28 Apr 2024

Sound Healing with Yin - Psychosomatic Therapy session – by James' Wong

Yin Yoga, has been proven to reduce the stress chemical Adrenomedullin, according to research findings. This chemical is produced during anxiety, stress and low mood and can over time, weaken the heart; leading to other symptoms of depression.

This style of yoga is the perfect solution to those feeling overwhelmed with stress or anxiety. Setting aside time to focus on mental health is just as important as physical health. Yin Yoga perfectly incorporates both mental and physical mindfulness with gentle and slow paced movements.

This releasing action that yin creates can bring up all kinds of emotions. Many students find that the most 'triggering' poses are those that work on releasing fascia or connective tissue around the hips. Fascia is a connective tissue that does much more than hold your body together. It's our entire integral structural alignment—it wraps and connects our muscles, bones, blood vessels, and organs. But it also does something else remarkable - it stores emotions in the body.

What is Psychosomatic Yin Yoga?
Psychosomatic interaction in yin yoga brings about a perfect combination to release emotional aspects in the psyche; in which the fascia stores —such as depression, anxiety or different levels of stress. As proven scientifically; our fascia connects closely to our neurological brain system & when penetrated; one would experience shift from physical to emotional aspect. Melting into Yin is about disengaging. Yin is composed of tension and compression as well as rebounds that create a cleansing of the fascia and connective tissues & resetting the mind through the deep penetration of tissues and breathing to surrender completely.

Master James is not only a Master Yoga Trainer for Yin Yoga in TCM approach but also a practicing Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist trained under the Gordon’s Pillar system (Australia Psychology Association); where he combines the thought process of suggestions of choices in managing emotions; during the practice of yin yoga and sound frequencies - thereafter brings a new shift of cognitive behavioural pattern. During the session, participants will be guided to experience an experiential knowledge gap process of their internal thought process while holding in the practice.

Come experience a surrendering psychosomatic yin and sound healing session with Master James.

  • Class Level: All levels
  • Intensity: Moderate
  • Stage: Yin Zone (1st floor)
  • Venue: Rumah Tangsi, KL
  • Duration :  90 mins

About James' Wong

Known as a renowned “YOGA ANATOMY & POSTURAL STUDIES GURU” in Southeast Asia, James has traveled all over Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam & Taiwan to spread his teachings. James possesses in-depth knowledge of Anatomy and Post Rehabilitation Therapy where he spent years of research on body bio-mechanics and postural studies.

He applies knowledge of the structural aspects of the spine and the functions of the anatomy and connective tissues to developing yoga practices in a safe and effective way. He always emphasizes that it is not about forcing ourselves into a pose but it is the joy and journey of understanding our human body and limitations and preventing injuries in practice - focus on mind, wisdom and physique in doing a yoga pose.

James is also a journalist for Anatomy and Yoga Traveler as well as Yoga Life Magazine.

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