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James Wong, Malaysia

Backbend with Wall Practice (75min) at 3.30pm Sun 30 May 2021 -completed

Backbend with Wall Practice (75min) at 3.30pm Sun 30 May 2021 -completed

Backbend with Wall Practice

Doing yoga at the wall can benefit your practice in myriad ways. For one thing, it can take the weight-bearing component out of asanas, which can be a godsend if you have a wrist or shoulder injury. The wall can also serve as a point of contact for refining your own alignment (consider, for instance, sitting with your back against the wall to maintain a tall meditation posture). Additionally practicing at a wall can assuage our fear in certain asanas, such as drop backs—knowing something is there to “catch” you can be comforting.

A wall-supported practice can also provide inspiration when asana begins to feel stale and dull. In the simplest of terms, it can be therapeutic, creative, and fun. Using a wall can make poses easier, and it can also turn up the volume on some poses, making them more challenging.

Master James loves using the wall for his own backbend practices!

In this masterclass, we are going to explore here many of wall practices benefits where he will include a whole lot of fun wall sequence which you can incorporate into your regular practice. This will definitely be a well-balanced practice which includes chest openers, quad and hip-flexor stretches, and backbends options for your to play with according to your level. This class is open to ALL level and he encourages even beginners to join as he will demonstrate easy basic options using the wall; and as for seasoned practitioners; you will definitely able to explore how your body can bend to its potential!

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  • Class Level: All level
  • Intensity: Moderate to Intermediate
  • Language: English
  • Props :  2 blocks
  • How to Join: You will receive emails which include Zoom link to attend the class. If you can't find them, kindly [1] check your junk mail box [2] contact us before the class begins.)
  • Recorded video : available (48 hours after the session)


    About James Wong

    Known as a renowned “YOGA ANATOMY & POSTURAL STUDIES GURU” in Southeast Asia, James has traveled all over Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam & Taiwan to spread his teachings. James possesses in-depth knowledge of Anatomy and Post Rehabilitation Therapy where he spent years of research on body bio-mechanics and postural studies.

    He applies knowledge of the structural aspects of the spine and the functions of the anatomy and connective tissues to developing yoga practices in a safe and effective way. He always emphasizes that it is not about forcing ourselves into a pose but it is the joy and journey of understanding our human body and limitations and preventing injuries in practice - focus on mind, wisdom and physique in doing a yoga pose.

    James is also a journalist for Anatomy and Yoga Traveler as well as Yoga Life Magazine.

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