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[Zoom] A CHAIR FOR YOGA by JulyLai (60 min) at 10.30am Fri on 14 Aug 2020 -completed

[Zoom] A CHAIR FOR YOGA by JulyLai (60 min) at 10.30am Fri on 14 Aug 2020 -completed


In this class, practical guide will be provided for you to improve and enrich your practice in term of alignment and precision by using a chair.- Beginning practitioners will learn how to do the poses with less effort and better alignment.- Intermediate practitioners will learn to extend the range and duration of the poses safely- Advanced practitioners will deepen and develop their practice of advanced poses.

What you will learn
• Alignment principles to improve form and technique in the yoga postures.
• Build both strength and flexibility of body and mind.
• Precise ways to position the body in order to gain maximum benefits from the yoga postures and avoid injury.
• Safe method & technique to come into poses and come out from poses using chair.

Who’s it for?
• People looking for simple and safer ways to improve health
• Anyone keen to learn more about using chair as prop to deepen the yoga asana (posture), including the challenging poses.
• Yoga teacher who is looking for creative alternative to teach in class.
• Yoga practitioner wanting to develop their alignment and precision skills.

  • Class Level: All levels
  • Intensity: Moderate to Intermediate
  • Language: English
  • Props : desk chair(without wheels or arm rests), wooden kitchen chair, or standard metal folding chair.
  • Application: Zoom (You don't have to download  in advance. You can just click the link we provide.)
  • Recorded Video:  Not available

About JulyLai

July Lai began practising yoga in 2008, and had completed her study at MAYI Yoga Academy in 2016, received certification in International Yoga Instructor Course (IYIC) at MAYI Yoga Academy, the only institute registered with Ministry of Education and certified by the Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors. During her journey as yoga instructor, she proceed to deepen her practice by completed 50 hours Yoga Alternative Healing & Therapy Course in 2018. She have experienced herself the yoga’s transformation power - both internally and externally and finds it to be a source of love and strength on top of overall well-being. Through teaching, she wish to help more people, young or old, man or woman, to learn yoga and apply liberally in their life.
FB: @julylai.yogainstructor



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