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[Free talk] The Role of Mindfulness in Spine Care Therapy by Michelle Tai (90 min) at 10am Sun on 25 Oct 2020 -completed

[Free talk] The Role of Mindfulness in Spine Care Therapy by Michelle Tai (90 min) at 10am Sun on 25 Oct 2020 -completed

The Role of Mindfulness in Spine Care Therapy

  • Class Type: Lecture (talks only)
  • Language: English
  • Application: Zoom
  • How to attend : You will receive the zoom link to attend the class once you complete the check out.
  • Price : free

About Michelle Tai

-LLB (Hons), University of London

- Certified CAT-Y (Critical Alignment Therapy-Yoga) Teacher since 2014 (first batch training in Asia)

- Yoga Alliance ERYT200

- Lead Trainer for Catalist and Yoga Teacher Training Programme.

- Author of “Mind your Seat” (Finding Ease in Sitting Meditation)

Michelle was graduated in law in 1999. She worked in the legal field for more than10 years. Driven by her passion in inner self development, Michelle decided to take on a new path of her career in yoga and mindfulness.

Michelle has a lifelong interest and involvement in path of yoga. She has always been looking for a yogic path that not only works with the mind but which also includes the body with its rich elements of feelings, emotions, sensations and energy.

In 2013, Michelle finally found her solution in CAT-Y and she joined Gert Van Leeuwen’s teacher training held at Journey Within Studio, for which she was awarded the teaching certificate in 2014 and has been practising, teaching it enthusiastically and actively for individuals and groups.

Michelle is the founder of Journey Within Studio that offers an internationally-recognised Yoga Teacher Training (TTC) course and also works with a handful of corporations to bring the Catalist practice into workplace to create optimum body conditions for peak performance.

She is known for her sound knowledge in body anatomy and movement that help mobilising and strengthening parts of the body to manage or avoid aches and pains.

She is author of dozens of articles in body movement and wisdom. Her articles have been published in Elephant Yoga Journal and her story has appeared in The Star newspaper.

She is also the author of Mind Your Seat (finding ease in sitting meditation).


About "SpinEmotion Global Conference 2020" 

The specific topics in our SpinEmotion Global Online Conference 2020 is related to application of spinal awareness for refinement of our emotional wellbeing.

We trust that if both subjects of spine and emotion could be discussed together, to a large extent, our main concerns on effectiveness of body work practices and managing mental stress could be addressed fairly well.

The world’s main issues such as poverty, pandemic, mental stress, pollution are certainly real and urgent, but underlying the problems themselves are the human’s emotions such as fear and anger.

Overwhelmed by such emotions, we are unable to think and act clearly and connect effectively with others.

Fear and anger, if viewed as internal body processes, it can be replaced by body state of love and strength with the aids of mindfulness practices.

This conference advanced from the perspective that human body is designed for quality living and peace. Reclaiming our spine and emotion wellbeing is possible and important.

As each of us faces a unique set of challenges related to our spine and emotion, it’s our hope as organising committee, to be supportive to you in the coming month of October 2020 as a source of inspiration, positive practices, and community connection.

If you are working on healing own emotion, you are already part world’s gift of love and peace.

We welcome you to join us in your quest for healthy spine and emotion wellbeing.

Details of each session will be published from now and throughout whole of October 2020, and we need you to stay tuned to our page for latest news.

You need to register in specific link for each speakers of your choice. It’s free, informative and inspiring, please share widely.

Any further enquiries please email to conference

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