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[Online] STRENGTHEN THE BACK_Day 1 by Olop Arpipi (120 min) at 11am Thu on 23 July 2020 -completed

[Online] STRENGTHEN THE BACK_Day 1 by Olop Arpipi (120 min) at 11am Thu on 23 July 2020 -completed

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In these 2 days of asanas practice, we are focusing to strengthen our back through the standing, seating and Inversion asanas. 

  • Class Level: Intermediate
  • Intensity: Intermediate
  • Language: English ( Japanese translator follows )
  • Props :   
  • Application: Zoom (You don't have to download  in advance. You can just click the link we provide.)
  • Recorded Video: Not available

About Olop Arpipi

  • Born in Surabaya Indonesia in 1965. He studied Sivananda Yoga through a friend from Switzerland and began studying yoga scriptures and reading yoga literature. Yoga felt very natural and organic to him and he continued to explore this relationship with breathing and movement.

    Olop traveled to Europe to study with senior Iyengar teachers and eventually began teaching yoga in Bali.

    Olop resonated with Iyengar Yoga for it precision, attention to detai and deep understanding of internal movement. He began his studies at the Iyengar Institue in Pune, India in 1994 and has received multiple levels of certification from Beginner Teaching through Intermediate Senior II. He returns to the Ramamani Institute annually for continuing education.

    Olop's school in Bali has become an international hub for students from all over the world. He has also been teaching in USA, Australia and Europe. He teaches a very unique and dynamic form of Iyengar Yoga. His teaching is very deep work, with a focus on breath and alignment, yet a vigorous physical practice. He works joyfully and easily with students of all levels. His focus is the pass onto students from his extensive study and personal practice the experience of yoga or union; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually

    Regulation: Please be mindful during our session to avoid any injuries. Because despite providing instructions, I am not there to help adjust you. You are ultimately responsible for your own personal health and safety and you take full responsibility of any injury during the class.
    Moreover, please do not join the class if you have an injury or any medical problem.

    I hereby declare that I am free from all claims, in the present and future, should you injure yourself during the class.


    - How it works -

    Experience live classes with a teacher who observes you! 

    You can now enjoy your yoga practice from the privacy of your own home while being seen and supported by a yoga teacher using a two-way video platform.

    This is an online yoga class with all the support, engagement and credibility, just like in a studio class! 
    Only difference is that you can take the class from wherever you are.

    We’d love to invite you to practice with us today.


    Pick the class and purchase online. You will automatically receive the link to attend the class together with the Order confirmation mail.


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    With just one click, log into your digital classroom and start your yoga practice with a teacher who sees and supports you!

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