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Functional Mobility for Yoga by Sandra Woo (90 min) at 2pm Sat on 27 Apr 2024

Functional Mobility for Yoga by Sandra Woo (90 min) at 2pm Sat on 27 Apr 2024

Functional Mobility for Yoga by Sandra Woo

Explore a back to basics approach to meeting ourselves where we are in our practise, through a structure of drills designed to safely gain and maintain physical range while bringing attention to the subtle body.

This class includes both dynamic and restorative elements of movement and breathwork, suitable for all bodies and levels of practise.

Expect a biomechanical understanding of the gross body practise and a sensorial journey for the inner self.

Recommended for all movement disciplines and athletics as well.

  • Class Level: All levels to Intermediate
  • Intensity: Intermediate
  • Stage: Yang Zone (Ground floor)
  • Venue: Rumah Tangsi, KL
  • Duration :  90 mins

About Sandra Woo

Manasa Yoga TTC 200, David Kim Yin 30, ACE CFI
A student under the tutelage of Manoj Kaimal of Manasa Yoga Malaysia,
Sandra stumbled upon the way of yoga for two years before receiving the
privilege to share the practice and has been doing so around the SEA region
since. Today she studies human biomechanics and various athletics, working
closely with physiotherapists and anatomy specialists to educate the industry on
mindful movement and conditioning. Her expertise spans across a wide
application of sports and rehabilitation, while remaining rooted in Yoga
Principles and connected to deep spirituality.
Her approach to yoga is a belief for it to be an accessible practice for all bodies
and states, striving to create space for each person to experience and receive it
in ways that meet them where they are with love. Recognizing that there is no
one size that fits all in the system, she holds to heart the journey of true seeing,
and the discipline to scripture and practice required to receive meditative states,
as ways for living.
Sandra served as a lululemon ambassador years 2018-2020 and has spearheaded
projects for their campaigns, and continues to be involved in wellness
communities locally and abroad.

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