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Shakti on Chair (75 min) at 9am Sat on 27 Mar 2021 -completed

Shakti on Chair (75 min) at 9am Sat on 27 Mar 2021 -completed


Shakti in a simple sense can mean energy. It is the energy behind every expression, every manifestation, every experience, every movement, every breath, every intention, attention and action, hence energy is our essence. Shakti on Chair is a strong and dynamic Manasa Yoga chair practice where we are invited to connect to our energy essence by invoking strength through movement and strong holds. This practice will get us to immerse our minds into energy and simultaneously infuse energy into our minds, which is the Manasa Yoga’s practice direction. Come ready to connect to your essence, shakti.

  • Class Level: All levels
  • Intensity: Moderate to Intermediate
  • Language: English
  • Props : A stable chair with back (Fold-able chair if possible) 
  • How to Join: You will receive emails which include Zoom link to attend the class. If you can't find them, kindly [1] check your junk mail box [2] contact us before the class begins.)
  • Recorded video : available (48 hours after the session)

About Susan Kee Thulin

Since early 2002, Susan has been a student of Manoj Kaimal, the founder and Guru of Manasa Yoga, a style of yoga where students are encouraged through awareness practice to be increasingly attentive to their breathing, their actions and their movements so as to enhance their connection to their essence. A decade of regular practice as well as the completion of the 200Hour Teacher Training in 2008 and the 500 Hour Teacher Training in 2010 with Manasa Yoga has inspired Susan to share and teach how breathing and movement can be tools used by anybody to skillfully empower and positively impact their lives. A resident teacher at Manasa Yoga since 2009, Susan has also been active in the assistance and teaching of therapeutic classes at Manasa since its inception in March of 2011 until late 2015 when it ended. Since 2011, she has been regularly assisting Manoj as a mentor in the Manasa Yoga teacher training programs. She has also presented talks on breathing and yoga in health and yoga events in the city. In early 2002, before the Covid disruptions, Susan co-hosted a  4-day yoga and fasting retreat for yogis and fasters, but what she is still most proud of is her week-long stint in late January 2020 as a Yoga Philosophy teacher at the All Yoga Teacher Training in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Susan's classes are known to be tough and her students tougher.



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