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[Sold Out] Defying the Myths by Yenny Christine (120 min) at 9.45am Sun at on 28 Apr 2024

[Sold Out] Defying the Myths by Yenny Christine (120 min) at 9.45am Sun at on 28 Apr 2024

Defying the Myths by Yenny Christine

Many people believe that deep backbends require looser joints and they work mostly on increasing joint flexibility. But strength is actually the key to having deeper backbends. Apart from that, over-used joints have higher risks of injuries.

Learn how to move specifically to get your head closer to your feet or even butt.

  • Class Level: Intermediate
  • Intensity: Intermediate
  • Stage: Workshop (Ground floor)
  • Venue: Rumah Tangsi, KL
  • Duration :  120 mins

About Yenny Christine

Yenny Christine started her yoga practice in 2003 and started teaching in 2006. In the first years of her journey, she was more into iyengar, then she learned power yoga, ashtanga and tripsichore yoga. These days, her practice is a unique blend of all good things that make sense and her own fruit of thoughts.

Her practice is well-rounded but she loves backbends the most because it is the most difficult group of asanas and the most beautiful. She wasn't born flexible (even though not stiff) and all things she can do are hard-earned over many years and counting. Even so, her main focus in practice is not to be able to do advanced things, but to have a good posture because it is the foundation of health. Therefore, her teachings always pay attention on not sacrificing the posture. They revolve around controlled movements with breath-awareness.

Yenny owns a yoga studio in Bandung, Indonesia, which was founded in 2008. Apart from teaching at her studio and online, she travels to teach workshops to other cities and countries.

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