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YOGA INTRO with Tracy and Alan (75min x 8 sessions) -completed

YOGA INTRO with Tracy and Alan (75min x 8 sessions) -completed

What do you wish for the new year? Happiness? Wealth? And/or Health?

If you are looking to build a healthy lifestyle, here is an opportunity for you to learn Yoga, the proper way with two Certified Iyengar Teachers online!!

What is Yoga-Intro course?

Yoga-Intro course is specifically designed to help students from all walks of life to gain a better understanding of alignment and precision in Yoga practice, so that everyone can practice safely and effectively. The course is comprised of THREE Modules: i.e. Intro I, Intro II and Intro III. Each module consists of eight learning classes of 75 minutes each, over a period of one month. Students are encouraged to engage in self practice in between classes. At the end of the course, you will gain sufficient knowledge about common poses in Yoga and you will also be able to practice independently at the comfort of your own home.

Who will benefit from the Yoga-Intro course?

1.Yoga beginners who wish to learn Yoga techinques safely and effectively. Yoga is for both men and women, as well as for youngsters, adults, middle ages and elderly.
2.Aspiring yoga practitioners who wish to become yoga teachers. You will understand Yoga practice with greater details and learn various ways to prevent potential injuries in yoga practice.
3.New yoga teachers who are looking to improve their teaching, to understand common mistakes made by students and ways to correct them.

When does the course start?
Intro I will be conducted from 13 of March until 4 of April, every Saturday and Sunday morning 10.00 to 11.15AM, for a total of 8 classes.

Who will be teaching the course?
Teacher Tracy and Teacher Alan are both certified Iyengar yoga teachers.

Teacher Tracy started practicing Yoga to heal and find relief for her lower back pain, and later found empowerment through Yoga during various phases of her life. Her teaching focuses on developing students’ awareness and attention through proper alignment, effective timing and sequencing to bring harmony to both the physical body and mental state.

Teacher Alan has practiced yoga for about 20 years with over 10 years of teaching experience. His approach to teaching is progressive and methodical with emphasis on personalization according to different body conditions.

How much is the investment?WORKSHOP & TRAINING
RM280 for single enrollment. We also have special offers:
RM240/pax for Group of 2. (contact us to get the discount)
RM200/pax for Group fo 3. (contact us to get the discount)


[Note] We do NOT provide playback videos, and no replacement class. Minimum of 10 participants to start the class. 

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