Collection: Sivananda Yoga - Zoom Class

The Sivananda practice is deeply rooted in classical yoga and a dharmic relationship that guides and motivates teachers and students to grow in their quest for awareness and knowledge of the universal, spiritual nature of Self. Ultimately, Self-realization comes through self-mastery based in practice.

In Sivananda Yoga, asana is always balanced with pranayama and relaxation, offering indirect control of the mind. A healthy vegetarian diet supports the practice. Finally, meditation coupled with positive thinking work directly to master the mind. Through these five principles, the practitioner comes to know and feel firsthand what is healthy, gives energy, reduces stress, focuses the mind, cultivates integrity, and connects to the flow of universal life.

These tenets came from Swami Vishnudevananda, a senior disciple of Sivananda Yoga founder H. H. Swami Sivananda. Swami Sivananda was an allopathic medical doctor born in the late 19th century who skillfully integrated vast portions of the universal teachings of yoga and Vedanta and shared that knowledge in more than 200 books. He saw yoga as a tool that practitioners could use for self-healing and to realize both the sacred unity and diversity of life. 

(Quoted from Yoga Journal )